2 definitions by ScarlettPussyman16

A piece of human garbage, this simple minded creep slinks around the freeways of California putting up lame signs that show his ignorance and his arrogance. While some activists may stand by their signs to show their conviction towards their cause, this overweight pussy quickly hangs his signs and then high-tails it out of town. He displays the epitome of cowardice and all characteristics of a mentally handicapped individual. He also smokes pole and takes it up the pooper.
The Freeway Blogger of California spends an inordinate amount of time creating signs and hanging them up. If only he spent a little more time on the treadmill, he might be around a little longer for all of us to keep laughing at him.
by ScarlettPussyman16 March 29, 2008
A fat, homosexual California man who puts up retarded political signs on the freeway. He believes he's shaping the American political scene, but in reality he's just wasting his time. He has already started putting up anti-McCain signs, which shows he is truly a complete partisan nutbag. He talks a HUGE game on his website, but the fact that he scurries away from his signs shows his true colors: he's as pussy as they come.
The California freewayblogger put up some signs the other day, but the only glimpse we got of him was of his overweight figure running the opposite direction. What a pussy.
by ScarlettPussyman16 March 29, 2008

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