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Playing an online game such at Counter-Strike while being really high and owning another player.
by ScareCrow July 22, 2003
Playing an online game such as Counter-Strike and killing a player l337ly...

ScareCrow | HIGH : I just stoWNed you!
by ScareCrow July 20, 2003
An amazing sentient being whom seems to know all that there is to be known about stagecraft, lighting and technical issues.
Often refered to as: The Great Pant.
by Scarecrow June 05, 2003
Combination of the words great and rocks. Is meant to denote something so exciting/awe-inspiring that not just one of those above words will suffice.
"Dude, you finally got an internet connection in your room?"

"Yeah, it fucking grocks!"
by Scarecrow March 24, 2005

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