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An amalgamation of tortoise and turtle, often used by people with mental retardation who cannot tell the difference.
That turtus was swimming so swiftly beneath the azure waves. By the way, I am mentally retarded
by Scarab Mcarab August 18, 2010
The canvas upon which a male of any species chooses to skeen on.
Person A - 'Oh you came on my head!'

Person B - 'Your head is my skanvas, my skeen is my paint'
by Scarab Mcarab August 18, 2010
Someone, be he a man or a woman, with a ghostly porcelain exterior and an intelligence equivalent to that of a Turtus. Often makes a complete dick of himself/herself by demonstrating said retardation.
Honez - 'What song is this?' (to the Happy Birthday theme song)
by Scarab Mcarab August 18, 2010
The milky white juice that explodes from the end of a penis when aroused to climax.
Don't tug so hard or I'll skeen on your face
by Scarab Mcarab August 18, 2010
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