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A hand gesture formed by making a fist, and raising the index and pinky finger, forming what is also known as the "devil horns". However, when said hand gesture is formed, and "Slayer!" is intoned simultaneously by the invoker, any gay act is instantly negated, leaving no question as to the orientation of the involved parties. Usually is repeated by the other guy that got involved, as an agreement. Usually used when two straight guys are put into an awkward situation.

Note: Similar to "no homo!", but more about a potentially gay act rather than saying something with a double meaning.

Disclaimer: This is not in anyway homophobic, it is simply an affirmation of heterosexual-ness. No hate, just fun.
*guy 1 trips over a stool and lands into the arms of guy 2*
Guy 1: Slayer!
*guy 2 nods*
Guy 2: Slayer.

*guy 3 realises he needs sunscreen on his back, and only his bro, guy 4 is around*
Guy 3: hey, can you put sunscreen on my back?
Guy 4: Slayer?
Guy 3: Slayer.

*guy 5 wakes up, and realises he is in bed with another dude.*
Guy 5: SLAYER!
by Scarab 53 August 29, 2009

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