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The newest version of sikethat has just begun in Frisco and is spreadin'. Meaning you jus' got played, fucked over or Skeemed! Makin' you look and feel Stupid As Fuck! Also represented by holding up three fingers and your thumb and index finger in a circle.
I Love you Baby... SKEEM!

Yo Mom jus got hit by a car... SKEEEM!

Yo girl cheatin' on you wit yo best friend... You got SKEEMED!
by ScarFace415 February 13, 2005
It's an abbreviation used by the Mac Daddies, Pimp Playas, Biggest Ballas of 'em all.
C.H.U.C.H. (Can't Hate Us Can't Hate)

also can be found in Ghettos of America(UGA UGA2)
Ho wer My Doh? Daz ryte I'm dat Pimp from Da Sco So wut u waitin' fo' pay it up pay it up don't talk too much... tabanacle, titi 1 titi 2, and CHUCH!
by ScarFace415 February 13, 2005

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