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laugh(ing) like a monkey on crack. used when a nigger is laughing while he's on crack.
can also be used when reffering to a porch monkey thats laughing.
Bob- is that nigger high?
Tom- yeah but why the fuck is he laughing like that?
Bob- because he killed 3 white people thinking they were asian.
Tom- oh he's llamoc.
by ScarFacE587 April 15, 2009
When a black person (preferably male) sticks,shoves, et. his dick in a girls pussy or ass
ugly black girl: let's go dunk the monkey.
ugly black guy: ok
(has sex)
ugly black girl:wtf i said in the ass
ugly back guy: opps looks liked i dunked the monkey in the wrong spot
by ScarFacE587 May 04, 2009
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