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When a role playing geek get so emotionally unstable and out of hand that they begin acting in real life as if their role-playing character were controlling them.
Girl: So, would you like to come back to my place?
Boy: Well, I'm gay, but I'm recursive roleplaying a lesbian moogle character and she would totally want to have sex with you, so sure!
by Scanford February 13, 2011
The act of logging into an online role-playing environment with the express intention of annoying role playing geeks and possibly making them cry.
Robero the Valiant: Good day villager, perhaps you could direct us to the nearest Ale House?

Villager NPC: Sure, go right down this path...

Gandarb: I kill the villager, scalp him, and hand the bloody scalp to Robero.

Robero the Valiant: (out of character) Wat r u doing!?!1

Gandarb: What, that's what my character would do!

Robero the Valiant: (out of character) You're Troll Playing!
by Scanford February 13, 2011

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