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AOL's attempt to look genereous.. but if you've ever thought about how much money they get from that one little advertisement at the top of your buddylist, you'd realize it's just buisness as usual.
"'Scandinavian 2x4' is by far the by far the best AIM sn ever.
by Scandinavian 2x4 November 17, 2003
A powder mix consisting of egg malt, and countless preservitives. Added to milk, mocha fraps, ice cream, and just about everything to make the world a much tasteir place. Their motto: "More Ovaltine please!".
Anyone who does not like Ovaltine deserves to die.
by Scandinavian 2x4 November 18, 2003
Excriment in the act of sexual intercource.
The fucking shit had a good time.
by Scandinavian 2x4 November 19, 2003

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