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A person who is so vapid and devoid of a soul or emotion, they may as well be a zombie. They often work menial jobs and their speech ranges from inaudible squeaks and sputters to simple replies using the least amount of words possible.
Person A: "Clyde has been earning meager pay at the same job for five years already, is 24 and lives with his parents, he hardly talks, and prefers to spend his weekends drinking alone at some shitty dive. What gives?"

Person B: "He's a non entity, and he will suck the life out of you."
by Scalliwag June 04, 2007
A word used to describe someone who is either too afraid or too stubborn to develop a likable personality/identity. "Likable" in this case denotes a healthy amount of self-respect and a willingness to get along with any and everybody. The hallmark of the purebred "lame" person is a fear of personal growth and/or a fear of attaining personal traits that can be expressed openly with confidence and without excessive egoism. In various cases, lameness can be attained and cured, or pervasive and life threatening, depending on the degree of obliviousness the lame person possesses.
Person A: "What's up with Jeff? Why's he trying to imitate people?"

Person B: "He's lame. Leave him alone."
by Scalliwag June 04, 2007

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