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When you hair goes flying all around in a very curly and stereotypical Jewish motion. The heb is short for Hebrew, pronounced Heeeeeb.
Holy crap! Barry! Control your Heb hair!
by SayHeyKid999 July 31, 2006
The sound you make when you feel so full you can throw up but you prevent this by laying on a couch or bed.
Ugh, I just ate an entire zebra...lurf...
by SayHeyKid999 October 01, 2005
1. What people yell when there is a terrorist attack in a resteraunt.

2. A violent plum
1. *man is eating at table*
*terrorist walks in holding a bomb*

2. On the dark side of the refridgerator, a plum turns to a life of explosives and violence, he becomes aplomb
by SayHeyKid999 July 29, 2006
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