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one who is really weird and/or goes crazy (is obsessed with) a certain thing/person

mmm, my girl is such a cock-fiend... i love it!
by say what? February 17, 2003
do you even need to ask? back in the '80s, they went to 2 Super Bowls and were pretty good, then in '90 they made the playoffs...for the most recent time. They've sucked ever since
The Bengals are pathetic. They actually had a chance at the playoffs in '03 and blew it!
by Say What? March 23, 2004
Buffalo pro football team; been to 4 straight Super Bowls (1990-93)and lost them all; currently are building what should be a hell of a team in 2004
Aw, the Bills, the dudes who lost 4 straight Super Bowls, including the 1 that had that famous missed field goal
by Say What? March 23, 2004
Adjective; Person or group of overwhelming force. A force to be reckoned with, as described by a drunk person.
That group of huge guys is an ireckonable force.
by Say what? March 01, 2013
Acronym for Yet Another Bunch.
Don't mind those guys panhandling at every fuckin intersection; they're YAB of ignorant saps waiting for The Lord to fix everything they've fucked up in their life.
by Say What? June 30, 2004
all offense + no defense = early exit from the playoffs
Manning and Harrison are awesome, but the Colt's defense sucks!
by Say What? March 23, 2004
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