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An aspiring metal band out of Ontario that embodies anything intensity could be construed to be. The range of the vocalist is impressive and amazingly flawless performed live, the drummer couldn't possibly make better use of his double bass pedal, and the guitarists pull off intricuit and beautiful parts. There's nothing more demanding than their sound, and they have the off stage personalities to pull it off. They're all around talented kids with an amazing work ethic and over powering stage presence. Not to mention great lyrics.

People who call this music emo probably can't even begin to comprehend the lyrics.

Kids who so pretentiously consider themselves music connoisseurs would only be able to appreciate music like this if they had an eclectic taste. None the less, this band and every band deserves respect no matter what your opinion of their sound is.
"Protest The Hero sucked at the vagrant stage! What are those emos donig on warped tour?!"

"High voices don't mean emo, low voices mean average. Talk to me when you can hit those notes, pull off those riffs, and get stage presence and a record label to back you up."
by Savvy Rae July 22, 2006
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