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Another word for guido.
AKA, a greasy self obsessed Italian representing that of puma or adidas clothing, idolizing muscle milk, hgh, and power bars. The super gweed finds himself (usually not of the female variety) even obligated to wear baby powder from time to time if only half a bottle of cologne is present (not enough). and last but not least they emulate Gatti's.
Gweed quotes:

"eh two heinakens"
"got ne moose?"
"Eh jerry, should i wear a shirt under this sweater?"
"Eh Leroy, u think dis looks good with my chest hairs poppin outt my wife beat?"
"fuck me, wears my pube comb? ahh fuck it ill use my tooth brush"
by Savo93 February 02, 2009
1. The ejection of man fluid after doing business with a worn out corner whore.

2. The release of a well known womans menstrual fluid after sleeping with multiple others earlier in the day.

3. A Variety of male sperm stored in one girls Vaginal region or mouth.
example for definition #1:
*Phone rings*
"Jared thank god ur awake..ok bro, seriously..if there was one type of person you wouldn't fuck..what type of person would it be?"
"well dude..obviously another dude"
Guy: "phew k..cuz i just had the greasiest WHOREGASM with Jenny Clamstench..remember her? girl that dropped out in grade 5 and nobodies heard from her since?"

Jared: "Hah, wow yeah fuck, how is she? but anyway sweet dude how was it"

Guy: "dude no..hold on ill come over and let u smell my eyes"

Example for definition number 2&3:

*enters hospital*
" Hi mam my name is Jenny Clamstench, i have a variety of male sperm samples i would like to donate at a legitimate price"

Secratary: "Ok mam, do u have tubes present? or is there a certain instrument you've used to safely store the fluid?"

Jenny: "Do you not hear me gargling?"
by Savo93 February 02, 2009

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