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for anyone who has seen 2000s 'Gladiator' this term should make immediate sense:

"Proximo: Those giraffes you sold me, they won't mate. They just walk around, eating, and not mating. You sold me... queer giraffes. I want my money back."

So nowadays, its being used as an expression of anger against someone who possible wants to cheat on you in one way or another or did so already.
Hey Mister, this car is really cheap, go buy it!
You wanna sell queer giraffes to me or what, that car is as broken as it is cheap!

Sorry darling, not tonight I've got a headache.
Youre not selling me those queer giraffes again, you had a headache for two years now!
by Saverio January 07, 2005
A german word used in various situations to express that something is different than usual. Direct translation of it would be mass and the usage isnt that different. It can also be used similar to wicked.
Usually it is used without much sentence surrounding it, as it is an expression of surprise, awe, amazement, shock etc.

Most of the times, the 'e' is stretched.

If anything, german verbs like "verteilt" (distributed) or "gekriegt" (got) are added.

It can also be used if there's lots of sth around.

In rare cases, it has been used as replacement for a "Hello" or "Hi".
Witnessing a hard football tackling, you'd stand up yelling:

After a pub fight were you had to take the hits, you'd say:
"Masse gekriegt!"

After a pub fight you won, you'd say:
"Masse verteilt!"

If you enter a pub with a lot of fine looking girls in it, you'd go:
"Masse an mädels!" or just "Masse!" with a glance in your eye so your mates would know what your on about.
by Saverio January 06, 2005

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