2 definitions by Savary1978

A sex position where the man lays on his back and puts his legs around a woman's neck from the front while she performs oral pleasure.
"Dude, you should have been at my house last night! Misty was so drunk she was giving everyone Hollywood Neck Ties!"
by savary1978 November 19, 2013
A mythical creature that many low IQ people believe exists. It has supposedly been seen around the world for hundreds of years, but there has never been any solid proof. Some people even go as far as spending their entire lives searching for it, even though it is a scientific fact that its possibility of existence is slim to none.
"Hey did you hear about those two dumbasses in Northern California who claimed they caught Bigfoot?"
"Yeah, they're in jail now for kidnapping a tall guy with a long beard."
by savary1978 October 08, 2013

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