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When someone gets so drunk at the Edge of Town that they pass out in one of the booth benches!
"Yo Jolene can you order me a pizza I'm hella hungry?"

"Shit fool, you wont eat, you are so Edge benched right now!"

by Savannah Douglas October 26, 2011
having an amazing pussy that makes men fall in love with a girl after having having sexual encounters just one time.
"dude Jolene that guy is totally fallin' for you"

"ya dawg, I got that pussy love potion."
by savannah douglas October 01, 2011
a word used to describe that act of having sexual intercourse without having to use the word sex.

fucking in a happy state of mind.

fucking in a bucket in a bucket factory.
" when do you think Ashley and Steve will be clanking buckets!"
by savannah douglas October 01, 2011
mother fucker. To be incredibly pissed off and frustrated with everything possible.
"Table 33 didn't tip me shit- mammy jammy!"
by savannah douglas October 01, 2011
The act of doing the horizontal mambo over an electrical box in the middle of a neighborhood.

Clancking buckets while listening to the electric slide.

Dirty dancing!
"Dude jolene, I totally saw ashley doing the electrical box slide."

"No way dawg, that's hella funny. I hope she left a goodie bag."
by Savannah douglas October 16, 2011

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