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1 definition by Savannah errr Slutvannah

Ashley is a.... hyper person. Have you ever heard a person say L.O.L Like a thousand times? Well i have.. only from Ashley! Welll i should sayy that....

Ashley is a trust worthy person. I could probibly trust her with my life if there wasnt such things and energy drinks :P

I think she might love those more than me!

Yeahh shocker xD

Did you know Ashley drewls in her sleep? Well i doo! I watched her.

Ashley is nothing like some of these people sayy! She mayy be a ninja princess butt shes still my friend.

A really good friend :)

Soo maybe some Ashleys are mean and terrible people but this one sure isnt! :)

Ps. Yeahh im pretty much wasting my time here ;D But thats okk! :)

Ashley, your goinna see this and laugh! :D

Yess at my amazzingness.

From Your friend---

Boob-asorous-rex xD


Just a friend! :)
by Savannah errr Slutvannah March 12, 2011