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A gurl/guy who is good enough to tap (have sex with)
Damn! He's Tappable!
by Savannah March 17, 2003
A small town located in Carroll County, Maryland. There isn't much to do in Eldersburg, but it is becoming a popular place. People come there because of the low crime rate and the great schools there.
Adult: We are going to move to Eldersburg, honey.
Kid: Why, Mom. There is nothing to do there.
Adult: So much has been going on here that I just want to move to somewhere that is safe.
by savannah March 30, 2005
A hooker after she has been fucked so many times that her "vaginal juices" have turned "frothy".
That slut is a frothy hooker!
by Savannah September 07, 2003
n. slang for 'butt' or 'ass'. egyptian-aztec derivation.
i'm gonna kick you in the mik'ta.
by savannah February 02, 2005
A random word to yell at passerbys that make them think you're either retarded or high.
Hello. How are you? FINKELSMORG!!!
by Savannah March 07, 2005
A guy usually who goes home with an ugly girl or takes and ugly girl home and has sex. He did this because he was so drunk.
Kyle: Yo, I munched on that beaver last night!
Wyatt: You must have been hella drunk!
Kyle: For real!
by Savannah March 21, 2005
anonymous word, used for anything; such as a piece of shit, a girls pussy, or a mans dick
look at that piece of sant on the road. that guy has a big sant.
by savannah August 15, 2003

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