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Hip Hop became huge in the early 80's and is the culture that includes Rap music in all it's forms and doesn't necessarily have to have a rapping in it.The earliest form consisted of a DJ and MC. Inner city, ghetto and musically inspired visual art such as graffiti, tagging, and commercial art using colorful characters, wild original fonts depicting ones name, a crews name or a gangs title.Graffiti usually acts as a claim to a territory or promotes the artist,writer, bomber or tagger. Breakdancing is an integral part of Hiphop that is a massively acrobatic and original freestyle form of dancing. Alot of the art of breakdancing is based around battling. This when individuals or groups compete against each other. The clothing worn in hip hop culture varies widely but started with sweat suits from brands like Adidas, Puma and Nike, kango hats and fat shoe laces. At one point the hot fad was plain blue jeans or Dickies work clothing and white t-shirts. The style of today is usually brightly colored hooded sweatshirts and sports teams logoed active wear.The style of hiphop has evolved into many different styles and sub genres. Hip
Hop has been the biggest new music, visual art, dancing style since Rock and Roll. Now days a hiphop song may contain Rock and roll and a rock song may contain hiphop elements.
Hip Hop is to music and culture of the 80's through today as what Rock and Roll was to music and culture in the 50's to the early 80's. They both were claimed to be just passing fads. They both were fueled with rebellion and aggression and were both opposed by religious and close minded people. Both Rock and Roll and HipHop largely inspired types of dance, clothing, visual art and slang language. They both were unaccepted by mainstream to only become mainstream later.
by Sav wrath 888 or sav888 May 21, 2009

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