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2 definitions by Saussage

Australian: An extremly Violent act, can be either miniscule scale or grand scale
Australian: Domination over another person
Muslim: Slang for sitting down
Australian: *after man shreads paper in a paper shreader* i slaughterd that work
Australian: the amercians slaughterd the french in basketball
Muslim: Would you like to Slaughter this chair?
by Saussage May 02, 2004
massacre: Australian slang describing an agressive act.
massacre: muslim term for "how to treat your wife".
massacre: African-Amercian term for beautiful woman.
Australian: I massacrerd her box.
Australian:I massacrerd that pie.
Muslim: You shouldnt let her do that son, you should massacre her.
Africian-Amercian: Hey ho, your fully massacre arnt ya?
by Saussage May 02, 2004