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Someone whose texting behavior is rude or just entertainingly stupid.
Some guy was madly fiddling with his cellphone while the cashier was trying to ask him a question. I couldn't help saying, "Hey textole, if you don't put down the iPhone I'm gonna shove it up your textum.

Mary was texting someone in the middle of our Thanksgiving dinner. What a royal texthole!

I saw this texthole bump into a street lamp the other day.
#asshole #texter #idiot #imbecile #yahoo
by Sausalito Kid May 08, 2011
Any strong belief based on a fallacy. This, of course, is relative to the beliefs of the person making the judgment, that someone else has a confiction.
John still has a confiction that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

I marvel at Mary's confiction that the earth is 6000 years old.

Senator X has a dangerous confiction that all homosexuals are pedophiles.
#assumption #preconception #judgment #belief #doubt #uncertainty
by Sausalito Kid September 21, 2010
When someone, or a group, acts as though they are doing something amazing, or phenomenal, or "really meaningful" or important, when to everyone else they are just humiliating themselves.

Based on the characters in the movie, "Waiting for Guffman," or any of Christopher Guest's ensemble films.
My biggest Guffman Moment was in high school when I auditioned to be one of the male cheerleaders, while wearing a self-designed costume with puffy sleeves and gold lame' short shorts. At my 20th reunion, they were still teasing me about it.

At some point George Bush is going to realize that his whole life was a Guffman Moment.
#humliation #embarrassment #self-importance #arrogance #pomposity #pompous
by Sausalito Kid November 25, 2010
The benefits in "friends with benefits."
I'm not thrilled with the friendship, but I love the sextras.
#extras #sex #friends with benefits #perks #sextra
by Sausalito Kid March 04, 2011
Simply posting too much on FaceBook, to the point where the poster is wasting time, or the readers are getting tired of it.
I've been posting new things for two hours now; I must have FaceBookarrhea.

Fifty percent of my Top News is from Devon. That guy's got FaceBookarrhea again.
#diarrhea #facebook #updates #status #top news #recent events #verbose
by Sausalito Kid November 29, 2010
To make a prediction or extend a line of thought toward a conclusion based on uncertain or insufficient information.
Since there are so many planets like earth in the universe, there must be other intelligent life, but I'm just guesstrapolating.

I can only guesstrapolate that given her history of blunders and her ignorance of history, the Constitution, and geography, Sarah Palin could never be elected president.

They say serial killers have a history of animal abuse, fire starting, and bed wetting, but that's really only guesstrapolating

Isn't everything just guesstrapolation?
#estimate #assume #predict #project #conjecture #jump to conclusions #guestrapolate
by Sausalito Kid October 17, 2010
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