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2 definitions by Saul Rosenthal

Numerical ratio used to determine the amount of men present at a social function in comparison to the women in attendance. Ideally expressed as such: 1:2 and abbreviated as BTH.
"I kinda don't wanna go to this party it's gonna be such a sausage fest with a huge bro-to-ho ratio."

"Ya think so?"

"Yeah probably like 3:1"
by Saul Rosenthal January 07, 2009
When a male receives the acts of fellatio, a testicle rub and a rim job all in one act of foreplay, though not necessarily simultaneously.
"So did you hook up with _____ like you said you would?"

"Nah, dude, but I did get me a three piece dinner, though."
by Saul Rosenthal January 02, 2009