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Well dressed, good looking, lady killer. A man that has all of the eye candy qualities lined up.
"I met this guy last night that was well dressed, very good looking and had the gift of gab!"
"You mean he was all 'GQ Pimp'in every sense of the word!"
by Saucedo 26 April 28, 2008
To be short and dismissive, especially with your date when you realize that things aren't going well.
Ray: "How was your date last night?"
Joey: "Aw man, she was a total Bitch, so I had to go cool on her. After a while she knew what was up and I took her home right after we ate."
by Saucedo 26 April 28, 2008
Another word for a butchy lesbian.
Remeber in Junior High how your female P.E. Coach always looked too manly. Paul: "Dude that chick at the bar looks hot!"
David: "Forget it, she's coach. Did you see her girlfriend she's with? You know she swings the other way!"
by Saucedo 26 April 28, 2008

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