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It should be noted that in one definition for Good Charlotte Fan it mentioned how there are two types of Good Charlotte fans, those who like the music and those who think "OMG G00d CHaRL0tte R SOOOO HAWT!!1!!!!!"

So, I'll divide Good Charlotte haters into two groups:

1. Self-Righteous "Punk" Douchebags-Those who flaunt their elitism and knowledge by talking about what a disgrace Good Charlotte is to punk's legacy or whatever.

2. People with common sense-Those who realize that Good Charlotte, plain and simple, is really really fucking bad.
1. Fuck yeah I'm a Good Charlotte hater! They're a bunch of corporate sell outs, and they are so not punk. MTV is not punk. Fuck those poseurs. Same thing with Hot Topic, man. It's just, like, the corporations are selling punk at the mall and the mall is so not punk. They're just a bunch of tattooed faggots, fuck them, man. Anarchy is, like, the best political system. FUCK THE GOVERMENT! ANARCHY FOR LIFE!

2. I heard a Good Charlotte song once, and it was terrible. In fact, it was nearly unlistenable. They're really, really irritating.
by Sathan Nielman February 16, 2006

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