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1)one who sucks dick. 2)used to describe one who is acting like an asshole.
1)Gary is a pole genie. 2)Dude Gary, you're being such a pole genie.
by Satchel April 20, 2005
When someone that has a large belly is wearing a shirt that is too tight or too short, and their belly sticks out- like Winnie the Pooh's.
"George sure is Winnie the Poohing today, isn't he?"

This shirt is too tight & short- I've been Winnie the Poohing all day long!
by Satchel May 06, 2005
The act of sniffing male cat piss for the purpose of getting high.
I bet Kenny's at home Cheesing right now!
by Satchel March 26, 2008

2.One who quits after only one or two games despite previously declaring the desire to play all night.
Peebles is le tired and won't play anymore, what an ubernoob.
by Satchel November 24, 2003

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