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when your doing a girl and light her pubes on fire and then attempt to put out with ur firey load
damn nigga, i was givin' yolanda a screaming mimi last night while my gurl was in da kitchen gettin some chicken
by Satch-mo March 20, 2007
when 8+ guys cream in a sock and then you throw it in someones face
fuck man some guy gave me snow ball yesturday at a 7-11. . . im ashamed of my self
by Satch-mo March 20, 2007
when you getting a BJ, you pull out and u hit her in the face with and alaskin pipe line and then proceed to giver a stawberry short cake. she will end up black and blue and angry as hell. just like a black panther
damn fu, i was intoxifaded and toataly gave dis bitch a black panther on the real
by Satch-mo March 20, 2007
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