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When you come back to a chat room, Skype call, ect.. and the reason for your departure was to get a snack you say Bnack. It is much more convenient for lazy people then explaining. Pronounced B-NACK. Mixes Back and snack .Originated from a typo.
Conrad Tiberius Woods1234: BNACK.
Killerbyte1023: COOL... What are you eating?
Conrad Tiberius Woods1234: Some chips.
by Satanic Banana June 07, 2009
The high five version in which you high five your target while in the Spok fingers position. Is not just for trekies it is a convienient high five that displays ones finger strength and skill at life, unlike a trekie. (No hating here just kidding)
You: SPOK FIVE!!! *yells at buddy*
Friend clone #34Q97: YEAH
*Spok Five ensues*
*They go off to win the lottery and win at life and pwn everything in sight*
by Satanic Banana June 21, 2009
The newest term in the ever andvancing front of obsoletion. To describe things that were one cutting edge and now aren't.
Duke: That Iphone is soooo yesterminute...

Bender: I see that you just purchased tv I see that its 8765 pp well too bad we just got a shipment of over 9000's so yours is now a thing of yesterminute.
by Satanic Banana June 21, 2009
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