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1 definition by SatanIsARedSoxFan

dustin pedroia is little rat-like bastard who currently plays for the boston red sox. he is the size of a normal man's leg, and looks goofy playing baseball because he has to use his entire body to throw or bat, resulting in visual hilarity.

pedroia also has a habit of performing thousands of annoying facial tics during his at-bats. obviously suffers from Little Man Syndrome.
Fan 1: Holy shit, the Red Sox have a new mascot... it's a little rat in uniform!

Fan 2: No, that's not a rat, it's one of those annoying little yapping dogs that run around your feet and try to act badass.

Fan 3: That little bitch is neither dog nor rat. It's actually Lil' Dustin Pedroia, and fellow-homosexual Josh "Gopher Cheeks Beckett" uses him to douche with.
by SatanIsARedSoxFan October 13, 2007