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2 definitions by SatanChrist

A nation ruled by Jesus.
The deep south is a theocracy, not a Jesuscracy.
by SatanChrist May 09, 2005
13 2
Someone who believes trees have more rights than people. Also believes we should save the rainforest because it has pretty colorful plants and animals that no one gives a shit about.
Environmentalist to homeless person: Get out of the way human scum, you're ruining the precious environment!
Me: Fuck you, you fucking faggot. Fuck the rainforest and fuck you too, bitch.

Environmentalist: Save the rainforest!
Me: No. Fuck you. We don't even need the god damn rainforest. Most of our oxygen comes from microorgansims living in the open-sea, trees contribute very little in fact. For every cure the rainforest provides, there are five more diseases you can get. Eat my shit, asshole.
by SatanChrist May 21, 2005
70 86