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A gay dance created by black youths to lower their social standing and to renact African tribal rituals. When displayed in public, the dancer thinks he/she is all that, but in reality it makes them look like a fag. It is a mark of social disgrace.
"Dude, did you see that douche dancing during lunch?"

"You mean jerking?"

"Yeah, he's a fag."

"Don't worry, he'll get jumped soon."
by Satan's Little Clown Car December 06, 2009
A large burly man who ususally lives in high places such as mountains. Most noteable for the copping of trees with his bear penis. Most say he is a giant, however he is a bear. He protects the forrests of corruption with his arsonal of weapons. He is feirce so DO NOT approach, unless you have a deathwish by dickings.
"I was in the woods when I got attacked by a Thomas!"

"No wonder why you have no face... and penis."
by Satan's Little Clown Car December 06, 2009

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