51 definitions by Satan

In the cyberworld he is God of all, The supreme being of this universe and beyond. A cyber persona of the greatest man alive.
Holy shit BullKrieg just kicked my ass at Warcraft3!
by Satan October 22, 2003
(c) if it looks like shit!
josh's hair
by satan November 24, 2003
"Don't be a DBZLink85, just ditch the drugs!"
by Satan April 29, 2003
FAntasticlly Fantastic nugs
these nugs are splindiforous
by SATAN April 20, 2004
The homosexual butt mod for the IGN message boards.

Little momma's boy.

by Satan January 22, 2005
Allmighty sun god
has three loyal followers, God, Jesus and Satan
by Satan May 31, 2003
A very annoying fucktard who hangs around myg0t and hates whoever is unpopular at the time being
<fanbelt> person X is a moron
<@person-Y> i love person X
<fanbelt> i love person X
<fanbelt> person Z is a moron
by Satan November 13, 2004

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