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A place where parents send their kids to torture them and so they won't stay on the computer all day.
Kid - Why do I have to go to school Mom?
Mom - You're not supposde to have fun and teachers can get you into trouble for almost anything you do, god or bad and that's what we parents like! Torturng our sick, twisted kids!
by Satan August 11, 2004
the most badass person alive
jesus: hey that guy is really cool.
Satan: yea, he's the durham local
by satan February 28, 2005
Meaning To Teach Computers
That Teacher Nurmi it like it aint no shizzle on da hizzle ma nizzle suck my dizzle you twelve man-aday whorizzle
by Satan March 09, 2005
A big, dumb, balding, North American ape

Used by Bart in an episode of the Simpsons
while playing Scrabble with his family.
Homer Simpson is an PERFECT example of a kwijbo.
by Satan January 04, 2005
off the hook; great.

Yo my kicks are off the heezie.
by Satan August 11, 2003
The slang term for annihilate, genocide, or massacre
i committed poaja.
by Satan December 31, 2003
A noob, newbie, n00b. One who claims to be a hacker or to have hacked into someones system using a trojan. (See also Lamer)
I am teh 1337 haxor
im gonna haxor you
by satan December 27, 2003

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