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A Grim Reaper is the kinky fore-play act of a man doing a handstand, while the female grabs his scrotum, and then pulls it up and over his asshole. Called a Grim Reaper because of the immense pain it causes to the receiving party, while also making a Scythe like motion of the scrotum.

Also called "Getting Grim" or just "The Reaper" for short.
Ed- "Hey Ben, I really want to try something funky and new out with Cassady, should I let her give me the Grim Reaper?"

Ben- "Don't fear the Reaper"
by Sassy Steve July 28, 2011
At a party, the beeratorium is the place where you want to be. Usually centered around a keg if available. The beeratorium is where the life of the party is at and everyone generally goes to get frisky and super trashed.
"Kevin! You're needed at the BEERATORIUM!"
by Sassy Steve July 24, 2011
Giving Bass

When a person starts to pump their ass at someone, usually within a foot or closer of that person, while either they themselves or a companion makes a ghetto bass sound to the beat of the pumping ass. Usually before giving bass its polite to ask "Would you like some bass?" or "Want some bass?" to which, regardless of yes, no, or excuse me answer they get some hawt bass action.
Giving bass is just as good!
by Sassy Steve August 01, 2011
A Mami T is a girl who's religious beliefs refrain her from giving out any sort of physical contact, even meaningless acts like the standard hug.
"Jesus dude, I've been trying to get with Katy all night but she's such a MAMI T."
by Sassy Steve July 28, 2011
A person who is decidedly homosexual but conveys being straight. "Fagger" being the gay part and "nanner" meaning how fruity they are, just two words for gay smashed together...basically.
Wow, he sure acts like he wants to mate with girls but I have a feeling he's actually quite the "Faggernanner"
by Sassy Steve July 21, 2011
When you're driving on a two or more lane road and the cars in front of you are going the exact or close to exact same speed, causing a very annoying vehicular roadblock.
(on the phone) "I'll be there soon, i'm just waiting for this damn asshole roadblock to clear up!"
by Sassy Steve July 31, 2011

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