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The stink that emanates from a drunken bowling alley manager
Dude, finish your beer so we can escape this oppressive Hochstein
by Sassy McButterCheese May 09, 2005
The Manitoba Punch is the friendly, northern cousin of the infamous Shocker. While the Shocker employs the index, middle finger and little finger, the Manitoba Punch uses just the thumb and little finger. The remaining three fingers are closed and apply a gentle “taint punch” to a willing participant.
Chris really surprised me on our trip to Phoenix when he gave me the ol’ Manitoba Punch!
by Sassy McButtercheese May 05, 2009
Something as mediocre as fish sticks.
Scott said the latest Duran Duran album has a very Cornejo feel to it.
by Sassy McButterCheese June 14, 2005

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