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An interrogative as to the events that have come to play, be it in the distant past, the recent past, or the present. This phrase may or may not use a question mark, but is an interrogative, regardless.

This phrase, popular among geeks, alludes to the poorly-translated Sega game Zero Wing; however, it is not always used for its pop culture value alone.
person: "Oh shit."
person2: "what happen"
person: "My term paper got deleted from my computer!"
person2: "Seriously? Oh, shit! Are you sure there isn't a back up somewhere?"
person: "Nope, not one back-up."
person2: "All your docs are belong to trash :("
by Sasori April 18, 2004
A hilarious word made by a hilariously stupid person who made a hilariously terrible attempt to try to zing Canada.

See: hidneous
Oh, gawrsh, Jebediah... there comes one o' them KA-NAH-DANS again! I sure hope he don't say EH to us, a-hyuck!
by Sasori May 11, 2003
1. This is something you do when you want someone wholly retarded and gullible to get drinks for you because you're too lazy to do it for yourself.

2. Something one aspires to be doing if they just wanna be a cool guy.
"Hey, guys, what'cha doin'?"
"Lookin' at a thing in a bag."
by Sasori May 11, 2003
A dumb fuck who thinks he's actually better than most of the people here. Look at his entry for SARS. That should say it all, but then look at his entry for nerd. WHAT THE SHIT?! I feel embarrassed for him and I've never met the poor sod!
Wow, DMK sure is a fuckhop. Jesus Christ, what a stupid assbag.
by Sasori May 28, 2003
Young woman who spends a fairly large degree of time on the computer, and most of the rest of it in her Ceramics lab, listening to music, playing video games, and/or pursuing other artistic endeavours. Doesn't have the attention-span to play D&D, let alone AD&D. Once wrote a damning entry about DMK, whose particularly awful entries have since been deleted for some reason or other.
She has now ceased to care, but does wish to note that she is, indeed, female.
Sasori used to write some pretty good definitions, but then her attention-span gave it up and she moved on to something else. DMK would likely sell his soul to be able to see her naked.
by Sasori April 16, 2004

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