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2 definitions by Sasaki

Next Level is another word for rediculous, or absurd. As if something has transcended it's accepted level of reason, judgement, fairness, etc.
Jenine cheating on Rob is some Next Level shit.
by Sasaki March 23, 2005
62 53
Fushonglers chimichonglers is another way of saying Fusho. Fushonglers Chimichonglers is considered a resuburbanisation of For Sure.
For Sure > (ebonics) > Fusho > (suburban white kids) > fushonglers chimichonglers.
Other options inculde fushonglers ping ponglers, fushonglers hit the bonglers, and fushonglers donkey konglers.
did you buy your shirt from the gap?
Fushonglers Chimichonglers
by Sasaki March 23, 2005
4 2