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The worst, ugliest anime character in the world. She "claims" to be in love with Uchiha Sasuke but really is in love with Uzumaki Naruto. She loves the blonde so much she punches him in the face constantly. Sakura cries all the time and is useless. In Naruto II (Shippuden) She ACTUALLY gets stronger, but is still ugly. In the recent manga she tells Naruto she loves him, of course he refuses so she attacks Kiba and runs away. Sakura has many haters, I'm glad.
Haruno Sakura hater 1: Dude, Sakura is such a bitch! I hope she rots in hell!
Haruno Sakura hater 2: Hell yeah! So many people hate her, she has less fans than TenTen!
Sasuke: Because your a violent bitch.
Sakura: Kay, NARUTO I LOVE YOU! *Glomps Naruto*
Naruto: GET OFF OF ME YOU UGLY WHORE! *Goes Kage-Bushin on Sakura's ass*
by Sas5043 November 08, 2009

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