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2 definitions by Sarsippius

1. Noun: As nasty person that infects others with their shitty personality causing the infected person to become just like the Infectiphibian.

2. Noun: The person that introduced "Spreck" on the Infectious Grooves album Sarsippius' Arc (Track 19)
Infectiphibian was the first person I heard use the word "slamatosious"
by Sarsippius November 28, 2006
Phase: Major monster skank (with) green smoke big butt Infectiphibian

Pronounced: Double m s g s double b i
Referring to some one that is extremely nasty. Usually a women.
Holy shit, check out that mmsgsbbi (double m s g s double b i). She be naaasty.
by Sarsippius November 28, 2006