15 definitions by Sarmen Sinanian

When someone gets a change of clothes in a short amount of time to escape a tricky situation.
I just kented my way out of getting caught.
by Sarmen Sinanian May 12, 2006
a shorter way to say bullshitter
Eric is such a 'shitter dude, he lies about everything especially his computer.
by Sarmen Sinanian May 06, 2006
2X4 - A girl who is flat on both side(no boobs or ass) and is very skinny.
Whoa, Ambers such a 2 by 4.
by Sarmen Sinanian March 23, 2006
The gayest word anyone has ever created because you cant say this out loud without looking and sounding like a fucking idiot.
"I lav you.:)"
"Shut the fuck up and sit back down you dumb bitch."

"I lav you."
"Stop talking before i shove my lav 25 down your throat."
by Sarmen Sinanian October 04, 2006
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