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The strap gap is a admirable body feature in women. It's when a woman's knockers are so big that when she's wearing a bikini top/bra there is a gap between the top part of the bra strap and her chest (the area just above the breasts)
Look at the size of them, she's got a serious strap gap.
by Sarkie August 12, 2006
The Sexual Karma Fairy is a bit like Cupid. But she decides who you end up with in life. She creates happy marriages to beautiful people for people have been good, and punishes those who have been assholes with strings of unhappy marriages to munters who don't give oral sex. The Sexual Karma Fairy tests you with situations you don't want to be in, and scores you on the way you handle them.
I've just let down an ugly girl gently. The sexual karma fairy owes me big!
by Sarkie August 12, 2006

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