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3 definitions by Sargeant Biff

Bland yellow fizzy substance that tastes of chemicals and carbon-dioxide and is sold as 'beer'. No matter where you are it is always the same and is equally disgusting. It Britain it is called 'lager'- but it's still eurofizz. Paradoxically Budweiser is eurofizz, even though it originated in America.
People only drink eurofizz because it is the only beer that is advertised.
His heart sank when he found that the only beer on offer was eurofizz. "A cup of tea for me please".
by Sargeant Biff September 16, 2007
The most revolting and uncomfortable bus ever made - the Leyland National.
A vile Stalinist monstrosity of a vehicle. A monument to the perils of nationalisation and state interference. It brought down and ultimately killed Leyland Motors, the largest British bus builder. The vomit part came from what you felt like doing after a ride.
With horror he contemplated an hour long ride on a vomit dish.
I really must learn how to drive he thought!
by Sargeant Biff September 15, 2007
It's cockney rhyming slang. Think about it....
Now be more careful when you call someone a 'berk'.
His boss was a real Berkley hunt.
by Sargeant Biff September 15, 2007