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When there is so much excrement in the toilet that it rises above the water level, resembling an ice burg, only this bitch is made of shit.
"Hey, go look at that turd burg I just left in the shitter"
by Sarge25 May 15, 2008
The shits you get the next day after drinking wine. Comes from the blackisk purlpe colour of the shit.
" Man, I forgot I drank wine last night and got all freaked out when I looked in the toilet paper and saw the mister purps swimming in the bowl.
by Sarge25 May 15, 2008
Excrement that is smeared all over the walls of a bathroom at work.
I don't know who went in the bathroom last but I was just in there and there was McShepp everywhere.
by Sarge25 May 15, 2008
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