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d8ing is the texter's version of dating. while it may only save a keystroke, it just looks cool.

when a number can be used to shorten text texters will often do so. To and Too become simply 2.
Sarena,"I m d8ing some1 else now."
David,"do I NTK?"
Sarena, "just trying 2 keep u upd8d"
by Sarena KV March 17, 2009
Surfer Slang for "surfed", the past tense of to surf. Essentially Surfed = Surft, its just shorter. There is a dialect to surfers (the whoa dude dialect) and this is a part of that dialect.

"Doood, check it, david just dropped in on that gnarly 15 footer."
"Totally man, like he surft it like it was nottin'."
by Sarena KV February 13, 2009
the sounds that crowds make. usually a sound of surprise and then pleasure at the outcome of the surprise. the classic example is the sound that is heard at a fireworks display.

it can also be a sound that an individual makes when extremely pleased with a present, or anything pleasing.
bang...ssssss .... the fireworks shoot up into the sky leaving whispy smoke trails, then BOOM!!!

the crowd,"Uahz", as a radical display of a thousand small sparkles lights up the night with a rainbow of colors.
by Sarena KV March 14, 2009

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