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A woman who is completely insane beyond the capacity of regular insanity, or craziness.
Glen Close in Fatal Attraction was a Bat Shit Crazy Bitch

Lorena Bobbitt was a Bat Shit Crazy Bitch.

Man 1- "That chick is gorgeous."

Man 2- "That's my buddy Dave's ex, she drove his own car through the front living room of his house. She's a Bat Shit Crazy Bitch."
by SardonicAnthony July 24, 2011
The act of acting like a bastard.
What's up with George today? He's acting like an asshole.

Don't mind him, he just has a slight case of Bastarditis.
by SardonicAnthony July 24, 2011
A woman who is gorgeous or fabulous, but also a bitch.
Man 1- That chick is fabulous.

Man 2- She stole her moms boyfriend, she's a bitch.

Man 1- So she's Bitchtabulous.
by SardonicAnthony July 24, 2011
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