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Cash flow referring to major cash flow in the thousands, hence the use of the 'K'. Usually refers to someone with a lot of cash flow who is showy about it; therefore, people know this person has K Flow. Term especially used in niteclubs, strip clubs, casinos.
One clubgoer to another: Not only does he have the Flow, he has the K Flow.

Another: Yeah he's always straight to the VIP room with that stack.
#stacking cheese #cash #gold-digger #benjamins #the flow
by sarasplayroom.com July 13, 2009
A dominant bitchy bossy girl who makes sure that she gets men to spend a lot of cash on her, this could be on dates or shopping. This could also be an aspect of financial domination where the bossy girl makes demands that money be spent on her or she will drop the wallet guy like a hot potato. Sometimes, the wallet raper will take the wallet, look thru the credit cards, count the cash and decide where the shopping will take place, and how much cash will be spent on her or taken by her.
The wallet raper made sure that she forced her wimpy date to take her to the most expensive restaurant in town, ordered the most expensive bottle of wine, then they went to the casino where she made him give her cash so she could gamble with it.
#wallet rape #financial domination #money domme #money slave #wallet raping
by Sarasplayroom.com April 12, 2009
The attempts of girls who aren't bi, but pretend to be bi to get more attention from guys, especially evident in their Myspace and Facebook photos where they are kissing / making out with other girls or when they go to parties and clubs and dance provocatively or kiss or make out with girls. They have no intention of doing anything more 'bi' than that or getting into a bi relationship. They are only into attracting attention to themselves.
Guy #1: Is very girl at this club tonite bi?

Guy #2: Hawwwttt!

Guy #3: Nah, they're not bi, they're just bi harder.

Guy #2: Well it's still hawwwttt!

Guy #3: Yeah well good luck getting any, it's all a show.
They won't deliver.
#try bi #bi-try #attention whore #try-sexual #bisexual #bi #bi-sexual #lez
by sarasplayroom.com August 31, 2009
A group of Fags. Usually partying or clubbing together or doing something that is quite faggy. And usually denotes a motley crew of Fags, not just cloned Fags, hence referring back to the tv show F Troop where there were characters / soldiers of different looks, heights, ages, etc.
Check out that F Troop over there! Did you ever see such an epic collection of Fags in one place?
#fags #queers #faggots #gays #gayboys
by sarasplayroom.com June 13, 2009
Someone with way too much time on their hands who gets a cheap thrill by clicking on Google Adsense, Google Adword and other Sponsored Ads on searches and websites that he knows will cost that company a paid click even tho he has no intention of checking out the site or the product. Especially likes to click on sites belonging to larger companies or porn sites, with the click representing a little f*ck you to that company.
When a clickster has nothing better to do, a clickster does random Google searches and clicks on the paid ads to cost those companies a few cents each.
#click #google #adsense #adwords #google searches #pay per click #ppc
by sarasplayroom.com August 31, 2009
Upscale mobile homes, usually esconced in coastal or other upscale area trailer parks, i.e. NOT in trailer trash locations.
Paradise Cove in Malibu is loaded with million dollar plus Land Yachts.
#mobile home #trailer trash #trailer park #pimp my crib #malibu #lot rent #trailer
by sarasplayroom.com August 11, 2009
When you send an email before you're ready to send.

You might hit send accidentally or your cat walks on the keyboard and sends it for you or the next thing you know, the email has been sent even though you haven't even touched the keyboard.

The prematurely send-jaculated mail definitely isn't ready to be sent as it might be halfway written, have a lot of typos, or be too rant-y or stupid to be sent, hence causing embarrassment when the email reaches the recipient.
Co-worker to another: I just hit the wrong key and sent half an email to the boss that I shouldn't have!

Another: Premature send-jaculation is dangerous, hope you don't lose your job dude
#email #premature ejaculation #reply all #hit send #keyboarding
by sarasplayroom.com July 14, 2009
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