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Girl who will accompany a wanna-be fag on his forays into bars or clubs to find a gay man to play with.
Jessica is such a fag sitter. I don't know why she agrees to go out with Chad while he shops for tops at gay bars.
by sarasplayroom.com March 01, 2009
When you rub the last of the coke powder into your gums....
After you rub crumbs into your gums, they get a little numb....
by sarasplayroom.com July 15, 2009
FloHo (or plural FloHo's) are Ho's in Florida. SoFloHo's are Ho's in South Florida. FloHo's are not imports but local Ho's. Known for blowing off annoying hypersexed 'regular' guys who are only in their city or town traveling in for fun in the sun or for Spring Break. FloHo's prefer local dudes or rich men traveling in.
Check out the FloHo's on the beach. Thong bikinis and bitchin' tans. Man they totally dissed us when they found out we were just dudes on vacay (vacation) from Idaho.
by sarasplayroom.com July 02, 2009
Acronym for OLD QUEER WITH MONEY. Targets for young gay males and gay hustlers who want the Old Queer's Money and will do what it takes sexually to get it. The Old Queers are usually perceived to be easy marks, are submissive or bottoms. They often have toupees, fake and bake tans, get bad plastic surgeries or too much botox in trying to retain their fleeting and far gone youthful looks, but the OQWM love and crave the attention of the 20-something gayboys. Often synonymous with OLD QUEEN WITH MONEY.
I heard these 3 guys at the gaybar talking about this OQWM. They were going to drop by his house the next day, hang out at the pool, have some drinks and the OQ was boing to pay to blow them all.
by sarasplayroom.com June 11, 2009
Tweets / Twitter Messages of no importance, relevance or interest
1st Tweet: Im painting my toenails right now
2nd Tweet: a rilly awesome color

3rd Tweet: Duz N E 1 want 2 C pixxx
4th Tweet: Jelis H8TRS!!!

Obviously Solipsistic Ramblings into the Void!
by sarasplayroom.com July 31, 2009
Both a noun and a verb, referring to someone who lives aboard a boat, e.g., 'They live aboard their boat' or 'he is a live-aboard'. Can be temporary or permanent, for the length of a dive, vacation, season, lifetime or retirement. If of a more permanent nature, refers to someone who likes the carefree lifestyle associated with living on a boat vs. the responsibility of living in a dwelling on land
One to another: My Dad is retiring soon and he's going to sell his house and become a live-aboard.

Another: No way!

One: Yes, he's going to live-aboard his boat and just sail around the Caribbean and see every single island.
by sarasplayroom.com July 17, 2009
Cash flow referring to major cash flow in the thousands, hence the use of the 'K'. Usually refers to someone with a lot of cash flow who is showy about it; therefore, people know this person has K Flow. Term especially used in niteclubs, strip clubs, casinos.
One clubgoer to another: Not only does he have the Flow, he has the K Flow.

Another: Yeah he's always straight to the VIP room with that stack.
by sarasplayroom.com July 13, 2009

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