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Bleach used to turn girls hair an unnatural Barbie blonde. This can be seen especially in photos of girls on Myspace, Facebook and porn sites and in clubs and college campuses and on the beach.
One Dude to Another: You could smell the Barbie Bleach at the club last nite, it was just like Attack of the Barbies!

Another: Blonde Zombies! Did you get laid?

Dude: Unfortunately, no, they were just into trying to out-hot each other.
by sarasplayroom.com June 14, 2010
A person, usually a guy, who appears capable of carrying out a task assigned to him, states he is capable, in fact, maybe even brag he is capable, but who fails miserably, and secretly perhaps even covets the negative attention from the failure
Dude is such a Delroy! Even a douchebag could have gotten everything on this shopping list for the party. Epic fail again and where did all the money we gave him go? He was short on the cash, and claimed he lost receipts. A Delroy can't be trusted to do shit.
by sarasplayroom.com November 07, 2009
When the attention span of a male lasts as long as his erection does, but usually related to the attention being focused on something nasty which normally wouldn't attract a male's attention under flaccid circumstances such as very nasty porn or fugly chicks or hookers.
One Dude to Another: I cannot believed I jacked off to that skank porn last nite. I also joined the skank porn site and spent like $39.95!

Another: Until you lose your erection span, stuff like that happens. Hopefully you've contained the damage to dick chafe and a slight hit to your credit card. One nite when I was on a business trip, my dick was hard and I ordered 2 hookers to a hotel room and it cost me $500. I should have just jerked off.
by sarasplayroom.com October 17, 2010
Penis piercings
Girl #1: I could not do Brian, that guy had a Prince Albert piercing that was like major in caliber. No way was that going in my pussy. I tried to give him a beej, but I ended up giving him more of a handjob.

Girl #2: I do not understand why guys go for extreme Cock-u-Puncture

Girl #1: It has to fricking hurt!

Girl #2: Some guys are freaks.
by sarasplayroom.com January 19, 2011
Slang for gays, flamers, fags.
Dude you really don't want to go into that club, see the rainbow decal on the door, it's for gayers!
by sarasplayroom.com August 28, 2009
A replacement for someone's ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who looks so much like the ex, it's uncanny. Sometimes done deliberately to piss off the ex.
One Dude to Another: Did you see that chick with Nick?

Another: Yeah I saw her and did a double take, I thought it was his ex, not his new chick.

One Dude: She looks so much like his ex, she's a fuck-alike.

Another: Wait till the ex sees the fuck-alike. She will throw a fit.
by sarasplayroom.com August 29, 2010
The uncanny radar-like knack of someone who can predict if a new tv show is going to make or get canceled, usually not someone who works in the tv industry
everyone said that Jerry should rent out his showdar to the networks as he hadn't been wrong once about which new shows would make it and which new shows would fail
by sarasplayroom.com July 19, 2010
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