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3 definitions by Saras

That`s the word lithuanians use to call themselves. It`s direct meaning for 'lithuanian'.
as esu lietuvis (I am lithuanian)
by saras November 22, 2006
Direct meaning 'cock'. A lithuanian name for anyone who likes being fucked. Especially in prison.
Tu esi gaidys! (You are a cock)
by saras August 24, 2006
1. a lithuanian meaning for fucking
2. to work really hard
3. to work something very annoying
1. pistis ne tik malonu, bet ir sveika (fucking is not only a pleasure it`s healthy either)
2. geriau jau buti alkanu, negu pistis su bulvem (it`s better to stay without any meal than try to prepare potatoes)
by saras November 22, 2006