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2 definitions by Sarahisamazinglycool

-A person who is both obese and obnoxious.
-95% of obese people.
-A person who is fat but thinks they are not, and gets angry at people for nothing, and calls them fat.
"Man, that guy is so obexious! He's huge, but he calls me fat all the time!"

"That fat girl over there is such a bitch. She's so obexious!"
by Sarahisamazinglycool April 01, 2009
1)To give someone a very slobbery kiss.
2)To spit on someone while kissing them.
3)To kiss badly.

1)"My boyfriend just majorly crowed me!!"

2) Girl(to boyfriend): "Stop croweing me all the time! You crowe me every time you kiss me!"
by Sarahisamazinglycool March 25, 2009