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She's very sweet and kind. One of the prettiest girls youll ever meet. She is hot. She is pretty inside and out. She is prettier than everyone around you. She is super smart and popular. Everyone wants to be friend with her.
Sofia: she's so pretty. I want to be like her. I'm jealous!

Dave: who is?

Sofia: Alyana!

Dave: she is such an Alyana
by Sarahfaith December 20, 2014
A fake Instagram account where people try to pretend they're a celebrity. They tend to say they'll follow someone if they like all their pics.
Ryan: did you follow Ariana grandes instagram?

Jaysie: that's a fanstagram. Fanstagrams are fake.
by Sarahfaith March 30, 2015
An expulsion of wind from the dick hole during coitus; a penis fart.
The man while having hard coitus will experience a penis burp.
by SarahFaith June 04, 2011
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